Thursday, November 18, 2010

$33,000 in Scholarship Money for November 2010

I have four finds for you this month: KFC Twitter Scholarship is open to high school seniors; the Zinch $1000 “Three Sentence Essay Contest” and Zinch $10,000 Talent Showcase Scholarship is open to high school, college, and international students; and the Discus Awards is open to high school students in grades 9-12.

And at the end of this post, I provide a link to Discus Awards’ list of other scholarships that you can apply for.

$20,000 KFC Twitter Scholarship, Deadline: Nov 26, 2010

If you are a high school senior, then you can twitter your way to $20,000, but you must include the hashtag #KFCScholar in your tweet as well as “why [you] exemplify Colonel Sanders’ commitment to education and enriching [your community], and why [you] are deserving of a college scholarship” in 140 characters or less.

Read the official Kentucky Fried Chicken news release for all the details:

$11,000 Potential in Scholarships from Zinch

I would advise for the two scholarships below that you create a separate email account strictly for scholarships. Remember to write down your username and password, or email that information to yourself.


Zinch $1000 “Three Sentence Essay” Scholarship Contest

Every week, Zinch offers a 3 sentence essay contest.

From website, “Write a two to three sentence answer to the question below, fill out the form, and apply to win $1,000.”

The deadline this week is Monday, November 22, 2010.

This scholarship is open to high school, college, and international students.


$10,000 Zinch Talent Showcase Scholarship, Deadline: Nov 30, 2010

This scholarship is open to high school, college, and international students.

From website: “Apply today--it only takes 2 minutes! You will then have until Nov. 30th, 2010 to build your talent showcase. You can upload your poetry, photography, videos, and other artworks to your Zinch profile for a chance to win $10,000. It doesn't just have to be artwork--you can submit pictures of the service project you did, or of the amazing adventures you've had.”

Discus Award, $2000 each month, grades 9-12, Deadline: Nov 30, 2010

Discus Awards, open to students in grades 9-12, are awards that honor students who excel in three of 10 possible key attributes: academics, arts, athletics, community service, faith, government, green, technology, work, or other achievements.

From the Discus Awards’ About Page: “Students in grades 9-12 can nominate themselves or their friends, and teachers, counselors, and parents can nominate a high school student they know. Nominations are free, and will be accepted at and soon on Facebook. It’s simple. Nominees pick three attributes, write a short blurb for each one, and provide a reference. Students are encouraged to go the extra mile with photos and videos illustrating their accomplishments. A judging panel of education professionals will review the nominations and name the winners.”

Also, the Discus Awards lists several scholarships that many students can apply for.

Good luck, and tell me if you win any of these scholarships, so we can share your success to encourage others.