Thursday, February 12, 2009

What If I Lose My Job? and Other Questions

I went to a podcast directory to see if there were any podcasts about scholarships.

I found one interesting podcast detailing the case of one parent who had lost his job, changing the amount of money he could contribute to his daughter's education. The commentator gave a very succint answer:

There were several podcasts found here:

Since this podcast is brought to you by the Student Loan Network, the Student Loan Network might want to emphasize loans over scholarships. Since one of the major aims of this blog is to encourage you to go to college with little or no debt, do not think that loans are the only way to go to school.

There were several other interesting finds on this web site: Scholar Points: Free College Scholarships a Free Scholarship Search Engine Free ebook on how to find scholarships over the Internet $10,000 Scholarship Application--No Essay, No Recommendations

Once again: a warning--I would not give out my social security number on any of these things.

Most likely, information provided may be good, but remember that they also want to tempt you into using loans. You are the market: beware and be aware.


Financial Aid said...

We recommend loans only AFTER the free money. Check out the scholarships eBook - there is plenty of scholarship money to be had if you're willing to bust it and work hard for it.

Thanks for checking out my show.

Christopher S. Penn
Producer, the Financial Aid Podcast

Scholarshipman said...

Thanks for the clarification, Christopher.