Sunday, June 14, 2009

$10,000 Scholarship Giveaway Ends June 15, 2009

At Free College Scholarships, you can fill out information and possibly win $10,000. The deadline this month is June 15, 2009, so if you fill out the information today before midnight, you will have a chance this month.

You have to be 18 years old to enter. Also, when you go through the form, you are required to "visit all our free offers," though you are under no obligation to accept the free information.

Once again, this is why I suggest you create a separate email account just for scholarships. The site is registered with the Better Business Bureau and is legit. The reason why Free College Scholarships can exist is because they advertise to students, and thus you must realize that you are being advertised to.

Here is the link:

In addition, you can sign up for this scholarship and give the money away to someone who wants to further his or her education.

The money can be used for any education opportunity. It's good to study the Frequently Asked Questions:

Here you get a sense of how to proceed through the registration. You must view all educational offers, but "you may either request information or simply click 'Next School'"

You are done with the registration when you reach the last page that says "Thank you."

You should also get an email confirmation.

After going through the process and receiving the "Thank you," you might also been sent to another website. You can click on the X in the corner of the web browser if you don't want to read the material.

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