Monday, March 15, 2010

Scholarships for Those in Foster Care, Legally Blind, or Interested in the Automotive Field

I have listed three scholarships for your information, and at the end, I include a secret of how to use google to find other scholarships that you can apply for.


Casey Family Scholars Scholarship, Foster Care To Success Scholarship, 2010-11 Casey Family Graduate Scholarship

Deadline: online application, midnight March 31, 2010

From website: “These scholarships are awarded based on a combination of merit and need, and funding levels are determined based on cost of attendance and other resources.”

“Applicants must...

1. Have been in foster care for one consecutive year at the time of their 18th birthday OR have been adopted or taken into legal guardianship out of foster care or upon the death of their parents after their 16th birthday OR have lost both parents to death before the age of 18 and not been subsequently adopted or taken into legal guardianship.

2. Be enrolled in or accepted into an accredited post-secondary program at the undergraduate level (university, college, community college or vocational/technical institute.)

3. Be under the age of 25 on March 31, 2010.

4. Have been in foster care or orphaned while living in the United States. U.S. citizenship is not required.”

There are several more programs available from the Orphan Foundation of America. Look around its website:

Look under Programs.


National Federation of the Blind 2010 Scholarship Program, up to 30 scholarships, ranging from $3,000 to $12,000

Deadline: March 31, 2010


The Eric Medlen Automotive Scholarship, $10,000; $5,000 or $2,500; Deadline: before April 30, 2010

From website: “The Eric Medlen Automotive Scholarship powered by Castrol SYNTEC awards aspiring auto technicians, ages 16-25, with scholarships to pursue education in the automotive field . . . tell us in 500 words or less why you should win the Eric Medlen Automotive Scholarship powered by Castrol SYNTEC.”

To find more scholarships, go to and type in the search field, scholarship March 31 2010.

Then, you can find scholarships with deadlines of March 31, 2010 (where do you think I found scholarships 1 and 2?)

I would also suggest typing in the search field, scholarship March 31 or scholarships March 31 or scholarships March 31 2010.

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