Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mike Turner (ScholarshipMan), scholarship coaching sessions available

Almost every year, I teach a class for University School of Nashville’s Evening Classes ( http://www.eveningclasses.org ) about how to find money to go to college debt free.

The money raised goes to fund scholarships for students who are low income and want to attend USN.

This year, USN has asked me to give coaching sessions entitled Scholarship Man 1 to 1

Here is the class description: “Is it possible to emerge from a college education nearly or completely debt-free? For more than a decade MICHAEL TURNER has coached students, parents and adults how to find money to pay for college.

Michael will show you resources to find the most scholarship and internship money. If you wish, Michael can also show you how to identify careers that will be the most in demand.

Each hour-long one-to-one session will include a free copy of Michael's book *The S.E.C.R.E.T Method to Winning the Scholarship Game: 55 Secrets For Financing Your College Education at Little or No Cost,* and a personalized scholarship report. Age 16 and up. Read Michael's blog at http://www.scholarshipman.blogspot.com “

If you are interested in this class or other classes, you can find it by clicking on Online Catalog on the left at http://www.eveningclasses.org .

If you wish to find my class, click on 900, and sign up for session 918-920.

Mike Turner,

My book: http://bit.ly/8fiq6K

P.S. There are several classes available, including those who are interested in writing, songwriting, cooking, or anything else under the sun.

They are having a Kickoff Event this Wed, Jan 12, at 7 pm, by offering this class, “Attention, Multi-Tasking, and Modern Technology,” taught by Dr. Marois at no cost: https://www.usn.org/ftpimages/392/misc/misc_79598.jpg

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