Tuesday, March 20, 2007

If you are a GED student and live in Tennessee, read this first!

Many people don’t realize that they can qualify for the Tennessee Lottery Scholarship if they are a GED student who scored a minimum of 525 AND who scored a 21 ACT (or 980 SAT). These students must apply to an approved list of Tennessee colleges or universities within 16 months after earning their GEDs.

Many students who get a GED don’t realize this and apply for college before taking the ACT, missing their opportunity to get a lot of money for school.

It’s always good to read the fine print: http://www.collegepaystn.com/mon_college/lottery_scholars.htm.

There are many different lottery scholarships, and there’s even a nontraditional student component.

The Tennessee Lottery Scholarship is administered by Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation (TSAC), which admininsters more than just the lottery scholarships. Check out its web site and check out all the programs administered by this state agency: http://www.collegepaystn.com/index.html.

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