Thursday, January 24, 2008

Scholarships for Adults and Matthew Lesko

Scholarships for Adults and Matthew Lesko

In Matthew Lesko's January 2007 newsletter, he has posted scholarships for adults:

Matthew Lesko is good at collecting information. Here is the archive of his past newsletters:

Here is his web site, which you can explore for more free information:

Matthew Lesko is a salesman, so he has a tendency to exagerate, but he still has good information.

I would suggest checking out one of his books from your public library or checking out his book in the reference section of your library.

That way you can see whether you would find that book beneficial and decide if you want to purchase any of his books.

Much like anything, information is most likely useful if you use it.

I will be updating this blog more often. Look for my post about my upcoming ebook and the philosophy of my publishing company.

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