Monday, March 2, 2009

Three Resources for Everybody--Hours of Research Ahead of You!

I wanted to alert you to three sources that list all kinds of scholarships, fellowships, and other aid resources from high-school to undergraduate to graduate to postdoctoral.


Jon Harrison of Michigan State University Libraries maintains this database of Grants for Individuals, mostly scholarships and financial aid. It stays pretty current, and John Harrison does a great job.

You can search by Academic Level (for example, Precollege Funding or Graduate Funding); by Population Group (for example, Disabled, Minorities, or Veteran); or by Subject (for example, Animal Science & Veterinary Medicine, Communications, and Writing).


Nationally Coveted College Scholarships, Graduate Fellowships & Postdoctoral Awards

Here you will find, as the web site describes it, "Free financial aid, scholarship grants, fellowship awards, student loans, internships, prizes, and stipends. Highly competitive and prestigious scholarship, fellowship and internship awards for college study, graduate school and postgraduate research."

Some of the categories on this page include Women, College-Bound High School Seniors, Study Abroad, and Native Americans.


This is a list of Postdoctoral resources maintained by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Careers Office. Several good resources here to explore.

Just your friendly neighborhood ScholarshipMan working on your behalf, wishing you well and money galore!

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cifuentj said...

Thanks for the great update on scholarships. I just joined a program that says they're giving away 100,000 in scholarships this year at Scholarship Points. It's pretty cool