Sunday, May 3, 2009

Odd Scholarships--How Not To Be A Turkey!

Kelly Tanabe discusses odd scholarships and other helpful hints to help you win money for school.

Several of the scholarships noted in the story are

Top Turkey Contest Scholarship: Information about others who won here:

While Top Turkey Contest winners have already been announced, I bet you can keep an eye on this web site for a possible scholarship opportunity in 2010.

The Culinary Institute of America gives out several other scholarships and opportunities:

Two other odd scholarships noted are the

Unathletic award: Also known as Gertrude J. Deppen Scholarship.

Duct Tape Scholarship: Also known as Stuck at Prom® DUCK® Brand Duct Tape Scholarship Contest

To find out more about these scholarships plus other odd scholarships, check out list:

More listings about odd scholarships can be found here:

Extra note: Gen and Kelly Tanabe are two writers that I recommend as being top scholarship experts. Some of the titles of their books are 1001 Ways to Pay for College, 3rd ed; The Ultimate Scholarship Book 2009; Adult Students: A Painless Guide to Going Back to College, 2nd ed; Get Into Any College, 6th ed; and How to Write a Winning Scholarship Essay, 2nd ed.

You can check these books out at your bookstore or at your local library.

For a complete list of their books and other information to help plan for college, their website is worth exploring:

There is a free database of scholarships, grants, and contests.

Also, Gen and Kelly Tanabe offer a $1,000 Gen and Kelly Tanabe Scholarship. Information is available here:

Also, check out $1,000 Gen and Kelly Tanabe Parent Scholarship at


Anonymous said...

Here's weird scholarships for left handed students being offered by Juniata College located in Pennsylvania and it’s being sponsored by the Mary Francis Beckley Scholarship Foundation. You really can't find many left handed scholarships but more are coming out soon which I will be commenting on to help those left handers! I think this is a weird trait to be awarded a scholarship but I'm sure the sponsors of this odd scholarship had good (and odd) reasons why they created it.

Anonymous said...

I like your approach on your blog and find it very direct and helpful and not too wordy. I like the direct approach and I believe most students do too and will find your blog very helpful and easy to follow. There are many weird scholarships which appeal to the many who have weird talents that should be applied to because any money that can be gotten to help pay for college should be accessed at all cost because college is expensive. I know you feel this way too (hence your blog). I love the quirky because people are quirky and I love people. These odd scholarships are just a mirror for how God made us...and it was good. Keep up the good work my friend (helping students) because you are smiled on each and every day.

pharmacy said...

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