Friday, May 8, 2009

Scholarships for the Aspiring Auto Mechanic or Spy, and a little Hope for the Rest

For all those aspiring auto mechanics or spies, and for the rest of you, there is Hope.

Check out what I found for you.

1. Eric Medlen Outperformers Scholarship Program, Deadline: before May 31, 2009

These scholarships are for those "aspiring auto techs, ages 16-25 . . . [who want] to pursue education in the automotive field." Grand Prize is $10,000, First Prize is $5,000, and Second Prize is $2,500.

You must complete the form and a 500 word essay question.

Details here:

2. Undergraduate Scholarship Program at the CIA, applications accepted July 15-Nov. 1, 2009

Yes, you can be a spy of sorts. The Central Intelligence Agency of the United States has an undergraduate program. Applications for this program are accepted from July 15 - November 1.

From the website: "If you are a high school senior planning to enroll in a 4-or 5-year college program, or you are a college sophomore enrolled in a 4-or 5-year college program, who is looking for career experience in a dynamic environment, apply to the CIA's Undergraduate Scholar Program and contribute to the work of the nation before you graduate."

Details here:

And just because I like you, one more scholarship opportunity.

3. Hope Initiative Scholarships, Deadline: May 31, 2009

Several scholarships are given away in this program.

Four scholarships for any high school or college students nationwide

Four scholarships for high school or college students of Vietnamese descent in the greater Houston area

Two scholarship for high school seniors who attended the 2008 Rice University College Leadership Workshop

Details here:

Secret Hint: As I mentioned before, if you want to find other scholarships with a May deadline, you can type into the search field of, scholarships May 31.

Too lazy to do it yourself, click here:

Explore and see what you find. Tell me what you find.

Good hunting.


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