Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Xeric Foundation--Self-Publishing Comic Book Creators--up to $5,000

The Xeric Foundation was founded by Peter A. Laird, best known for creating the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. According to Xeric Foundation's website, "The Xeric Foundation has awarded in excess of $2,000,000 to comic book creators and non-profit organizations since its first grant cycle in September 1992."

Peter Laird's foundation helps to fund self-published comic books. If you're interested in art or graphic novels, then you might want to check out the information.

Grants usually don't exceed $5,000 and the next grant deadline is September 30, 2009.

In searching for this grant, I found the following scholarship, The Jay Kennedy Memorial Scholarship, open to college students in the U.S., Canada, or Mexico in their Junior and Senior academic year. You send 5 examples of your cartooning artwork. The deadline was February 9, 2009; even though the deadline has passed, you can created a file for such scholarships or bookmark the website.

Then, the next time December 2009 comes around, you can see whether the website has been updated with information for 2010.

Many people will claim that people should be practical and get a practical job, but such grants and scholarships above are given to encourage people to follow their dreams.

Schools often test and emphasize linguistic and logical-mathematical intelligences, failing to encourage other intelligences, such as spatial (artistic) or musical intelligence. (For an explanation of Howard Gardner and his theory of multiple intelligences, you can check out these two websites: and )

What got me on this kick anyway?

I've been relistening to Brian Tracy's The Ultimate Goals Program on audio tapes. The lettering in white on those tapes is smearing and hard to read.

Anyway, Tracy mentioned Howard Gardner and multiple intelligences, and the point above is a paraphrase of one of Tracy's points. And I remembered that I had seen something about the Xeric Foundation and its grants to self-published comic book publishers when I was checking out Foundation Grants to Individuals, which I found in the Nashville Public Library.

This blog entry has gotten too long.

Other resources mentioned in this entry.

Brian Tracy's Ultimate Goals Program:
Brian Tracy's book about Goals, Goals!:

Foundation Grants to Individuals, published by the Foundation Center, and found in "funding information libraries" around the country. See if such a library is close to you:


Jennifer said...

I read every word and I am not in the current market for grants and scholarships. I just like you. How bout those smeary labels, I hate smeary labels!

Scholarshipman said...

Yes, smeary labels are bad too. The words etch out, fading, into the abyss of word heaven.

Tracy Lucas said...

I will have to tell Jerry about the comic grant... that's right up his alley. Thanks for the tip!