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Health Insurance for College Students & Healthcare for Everybody

Health Insurance for College Students & Healthcare for Everybody

Options for College Students and Health Insurance

The New York Times has information on what to do to make sure your college student is insured.

In a recent article I found on New York Times’s website, “A Maze of Options on Health Insurance for College Students,” I learned that 20% of traditional age college students do not have health insurance.

Also, parents should check their health policies to make sure what the definition of full-time student is, because such a definition may vary, affecting health coverage.

As people lose their jobs, many college students are losing their coverage.
Here is the article:

I highly recommend reading this article, and doing the follow up this article suggests.

Also, on this page on the left side, you’ll find a podcast of over 10 minutes detailing information about health insurance for college students.

Health Care Centers

Health Care Centers are centers for people who have little or no health insurance. You pay according to your income on a sliding scale.

Some statistics from the website: “In 2008, Health Centers cared for more than 17 million patients, including 3.1 million who received dental services and 678,000 who received mental health care. Health Centers also employ more than 113,000 people in underserved communities and leverage more than $8 billion in other health resources.”

For the story on Health Centers and to locate one near you,

I looked up Nashville and Davidson County, Tennessee, and I found 13 such health centers serving the city where I live.

Bolles has Got Your Back

I was in the bookstore, drinking coffee and checking out the latest edition of Richard Nelson Bolles’s 2010 What Color Is Your Parachute?

The most recent edition of this perennial job-hunting classic deals with how to find a job in these difficult times.

On page 11, Bolles gives out three websites for people who have been recently unemployed and need to search for health insurance.

Those websites are —from website: “The Georgetown University Health Policy Institute has written A CONSUMER GUIDE FOR GETTING AND KEEPING HEALTH INSURANCE for each state and the District of Columbia — fifty-one in all. These Consumer Guides are available at this web site and will be updated periodically as changes in federal and state policy warrant.” -compare health insurance policies, coverages, and rates —a national membership organization that is free to join and provides health insurance and other benefits to its members. You might check it out if you do some kind of independent work or freelancing.

Who’s Got the 211? Public Resources at Your Fingertips

211 is a national movement to establish 211 as the place to call to find out about free resources in the community.

You can find out about all kinds of resources in your community.

From website: “2-1-1 provides free and confidential information and referral. Call 2-1-1 for help with food, housing, employment, health care, counseling and more. Learn more about your local 2-1-1 by looking it up here.”

Information about Healthcare and Other Resources for Nashville and Davidson County, Tennessee, Residents

Bridges to Care is a program to help the uninsured of Davidson County, Tennessee.

My understanding is you must seek this out before you need medical care, so if you don’t have medical insurance and live in Nashville, Tennessee, seek out this information immediately.

This is a resource database for Nashville, Middle and East Tennessee residents.

The database contains “information on the community services individuals . . . need to sustain and improve their daily lives--health care and childcare, job training, education and recreation, retirement, disability and social service information.”

I found this resource by using the 211 directory above.

Disclaimer: I provide this information to assist you. I am not rendering legal, healthcare, or other advice. I sound like a book and its disclaimer.

These are starting points to assist you in your investigation. This took me a little over two hours to compile and many days of researching.

I hope this information assists you in bettering your life.

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